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PR: The secret recipe for success

Submitted by: Ty Carlton

My name is Tyrell Carlton. I’m originally from New York, but I am a senior currently working on my BA in Public Relations at Marshall University with a minor in Psychology. I am highly involved in the assortment of activities, from my fraternity, Sigma Tau Gamma, and as a member of PRSSA .I am a member of the West Virginia National Guard as a Combat Engineer Soldier and was the winner of the 2010 Warrior Challenge. I gained most of the PR experience with my fraternity by writing press releases to our fraternity headquarters and writing stories for the college newspaper, the Parthenon.


Marshall University

I am currently:

A student at the college above

What would make you the ideal Affect intern?

I would make the most ideal Affect intern because I have a deep passion for Public Relations. Being a VP of Membership for my fraternity, Sigma Tau Gamma, I have been involved in making the public image of the fraternity to be the best in can be, raising our chapters membership in one year from 5-23. I understand that PR can make or break you company and that PR can be a huge asset in terms of bridging a connection to your audience and you company itself. I’m very adaptive to every situation I’m placed in and I am known for having a cool head under stressful situations. I know I have good understanding of public relations to excel at it, but I am open to learning from within the industry and to learn from professionals in the field in order to hone my craft. If there is something that I don’t know, I will ask and get it done. That way, it is something new I’ve learned and I can continue to be an asset to everyone.

What are you passionate about within the field of public relations and social media?

I’m passionate about social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and how social media can translate into brining more consumers to be interested in your company. I’m interested on how companies deal with bad PR, and how social media can affect whether you get a job or you get fired for saying the wrong things. I’m interested in how Public Relations can get the community excited about a product and how you go from almost no one know about your company to the point that everyone can’t stop talking about it. One of my favorite social media campaigns was the viral campaign for the “Cloverfield” movie. The movie mostly used various websites and Facebook to raise awareness and building hype for the movie by building an alternate reality game months before the film’s release. Its campaigns like that that get me excited to work in PR.

How would an internship at Affect impact your career?

It would help me immensely. To work at Affect would be a boon, for I would not on would it boost my experience in public relations, but I would be learning from professionals and they would help mentor me into honing my skills. I wouldn’t be just joining an organization; I would be joining a network of amazing people that already do the work I’ve dreamed of. It would be like joining a sports team after going through the draft, and everyone’s excited to have you join and be a part of their team, which is now your team.

If you were to win, what are you most looking forward to doing or learning at the internship?

I would look forward to learning from Affect itself. To learn how a PR agency runs in a real-life setting and gain experience to be able to work in the industry.

Why would you like to live and work in New York this summer?

Being a New York native, it would excellent to go back to my home state and work in the city I grew up and always dreamed of living in someday. Every time I got back from a visit, I am reminded why I love the city so much. The fast-paced, high speed lifestyle of New York is a definite fit for me, and it would be my dream come true to work and live there again.

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Twitter: @tycarlton

Comments (3)

Cody Jones said:

Posted 3 years 27 weeks ago

As the current VP of membership of Sigma Tau Gamma fraternity incorporated at Marshall univeristy I would like to state that Tyrell Carlton has been my best asset as a reference and a mentor. He exemplifies the principals of value, learning, leadership, excellence, benefit and integrity and in times of hardship he has been the glue that held this chapter together. Not only is Tyrell an outstanding brother but he is a great American I'm that he serves our country as a soldier.
One of Tyrells greatest passions is PR and I would like to see him obtain his dream internship. He is the ideal candidate for this position in that: he hails from the great city of New York, is very passionate about his work, hold himself and others to high standards, works efficiently in both team and individual projects and to top it off he is a genuinely nice person.
I hope that this will help you see the potential that he poseses to benefit your company and a as a testament of his character.

Shane Bias said:

Posted 3 years 27 weeks ago

This man is what this project is all about. He truly deserves a opportunity like this internship!

Benjamin Noble said:

Posted 3 years 27 weeks ago

Sig Tau Shield? Oh yeah!

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